Surf Forecast


  • Unlike any other activity you will probably ever participate in, what we as ‘surfers’ are performing on (the ocean) is constantly changing; from hour to hour, day to day.  
  • If you want to become good at basketball, or even sewing, you can sit there and practice and practice and become better; what you’re performing on never changes.  
  • With surfing, we rely on the ocean cooperating equally as much as ourselves to achieve success!
  • This makes surfing incredibly fun and addicting, but also at times for beginners frustrating!  That’s why I’ve put this info here for you!  
  • The surf conditions make all the difference in the world to your experience.  Beginners need calm conditions, advanced students need some ‘real’ waves to improve their skills!

Surf Forecast for Lessons

  • *HINT:  For beginner surf lessons, the ideal day is about 1.5 ft with light winds.  The images above are a good example of a nice calm Wrightsville Beach Beginner Surf Lessons day.   The images below are an example of good day for Advanced Surf Lessons with waves around 2.5-5ft with light winds.
  • *Need help figuring all of this out?  Is the Surf Forecast below still not making any sense?  Need suggestions on where to surf in Wrightsville Beach, NC?  contact me

Advanced Surf Lessons forecast

*Below is a basic set of surf forecast tools to determine how the waves will be today and/or in the near future. (Wave/Swell Height, Swell Direction and Period, Wind Direction and Speed).  The weather for Wrightsville Beach, NC is posted at the bottom as well. 

Swell Forecast

Wind Forecast

Weather Forecast