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Why Surf With Sean?

Read Testimonials From Others
Who Have Surfed With Sean

"I had a 2 hour lesson with Sean today and it was easily the best surfing experience I could have ever hoped for. His expertise and ability to make things simple for somebody learning was amazing. His passion showed when we were discussing how to read the ocean, size of the swell, current and wind direction. In addition, the better I did, the more he would teach me on technique to make surfing more creative and interesting when surfing elsewhere. It was the best afternoon I’ve had in a while and I look forward to coming back down and meeting with Sean for another lesson soon down the road.”  -Matthew Wetmore, 2016

“Yesterday I decided I wanted to try surfing, so I googled surf board rentals and lessons and these guys sounded good so I went with it and I’m SO glad I did! Sean and Miller were awesome. The wetsuit was super nice and they brought a couple different boards out for me. I had a blast and will definitely go to them with any needs or questions when I am down here! Awesome guys”   -Liz, 2016

“Best time ever! If you want to surf for your first time or just improve your surfing, Sean is your guy! Sean is an absolutely phenomenal instructor – extremely knowledgeable, fun, and encouraging. He goes above and beyond in every way to make sure you finish the lesson a better surfer than you started! Sean is the only instructor I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to surf; he’s the best and you and your kids will have an absolute blast! (And his prices are super reasonable.)” -Joel Bradt, 2016

“We booked a 1.5 hour surfing lesson with Sean. Due to the rainy weather that weekend, we were not sure if the lesson could be postponed or cancelled, and Sean was very flexible and courteous when communicating. We had 2 people and Sean also had 2 instructors including himself. If we were to do it with other companies, it would be 1 instructor for both of us (not really a good deal). Within the 1.5 hour, I learned a lot about surfing and enjoyed it. This guy is awesome! 5 stars! -Minh Zizou, 2015

“Sean and his team took out 6 girls – all different surfing abilities – for a morning lesson. He was fantastic. The ones that knew how to surf learned some new moves and the ones that had never surfed loved it. Sean and his instructors were patient and worked really well with the girls. I would recommend Sean’s Private Surf Instruction for anyone who wants to learn how to surf or who already knows and wants to get better. There is no one better for private or small group lessons in Wrightsville Beach than Sean.” -Francine Streich, 2015

“My boys had the best time with Sean!!! They surfed for four days in a row, had their lessons recorded into a little movie, and had an absolute blast. Sean taught them so much about ocean/surfing safety as well as learning to surf! We can’t wait to have more lessons next summer. Thanks Sean!!” -Shannon Hale, 2014

“By far THE BEST surf mentor and teacher my son has had. They immediately bonded and Sean genuinely took interest in Bowen, not only teaching the mechanics of surfing but how to read the waves as well! HIGHLY recommended!” -Michelle Pierce Young, 2014

“I have three young sons and Sean was fantastic with them. He was hands on and really taught them yet made sure they had fun. He also gave us a high level of confidence that our kids were safe and having a great time. Sean has a touch with relating to kids and gaining their respect. They look forward to seeing him every time we visit Wrightsville Beach” -Brooke Oblinger, mother